Everything Genetic: Democratising genetic testing for all

Our vision is clear; we want to make genetic testing available to as many people as possible as part of their primary and clinical care, and with your support, together, we believe we can achieve this!

Everything Genetic is a leading distributor of market-leading genetic test brands into the UK market. We’re bringing a fresh and innovative approach to how clinicians and individuals can access “best-in-class” genetic testing for the provision of personalised care and treatment planning.

Our core strengths are in the areas of breast and colorectal cancer genetic testing, as well as other gynaecological and urological cancers, and heart disease.

By engaging with world-leading laboratories, we boast a portfolio of genetic testing brands across the patient pathway from hereditary testing, diagnostics and prognostics, through to theragnostic genetic testing. Take a look:

UK Genetic Testing Services via Everything Genetic

We provide a consultancy-based approach and distributor sales support for oncologists and surgeons in both public and private sector hospitals, as well as physicians in private clinics and wellness centres, and direct patient sales for hereditary genetic tests with pre and post-test counselling from the leading medical experts. We also routinely attend MDTs, hold private meetings, and host highly-regarded education events led by key opinion leaders in the medical profession.

What’s more; ordering our tests could not be simpler via our custom-built, secure online portal, where clinicians and physicians can also process samples, access test reports 24/7, with full customer support via phone and email.

And, as our portfolio of laboratory brands grows, so too do our partnerships with the private health care providers, private clinics and wellness centres, and most of our tests are covered by the UK’s major private medical insurers.

Want to find out more?

If you would like to find out more about any of our testing services, please get in touch. Whilst we are unable to meet you in person at the moment, we are still very much able to connect with you by phone or video call at a time convenient for you.  We’re here to help you, help your patients.

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