Leading UK private insurer first to reimburse MMprofiler for insured patients

MMProfiler Everything Genetic is pleased to announce that it has partnered with a leading UK private health insurance company to design an access strategy for patients with multiple myeloma (blood cancer) to get reimbursement for a novel molecular diagnostic test. Patients that are eligible in the United Kingdom are the first to have reimbursed access to the MMprofiler with SKY92 algorithm.

This diagnostic test is able to measure the aggressiveness of the disease by measuring 92 genes in the cancerous plasma cell. This news follows shortly after a publication in Nature Leukemia from the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) in London (UK) that studied 329 multiple myeloma patients. They found, among other things, that lenalidomide as maintenance therapy does not give patients a significant longer relapse free period or a better overall outlook, if they bear the SKY92 marker. In other words, patients can obtain the same results by being closely observed without taking the medicine and suffer accompanying adverse reactions [1].

“Sharing the same values and have a common objective are very important factors in choosing partners,” comments Dharminder Chahal, CEO SkylineDx that developed the MMprofiler with SKY92 algorithm.

“In the vision of this insurance company, their aim is to bring patients the best cancer support and information available. With our diagnostic tests, we aim to create a comprehensive view on a patient’s cancer by including genetic information coming from the cancerous cells. Constructing a complete picture, enables the physician to give patients the best cancer support possible. By this collaborative effort in designing this program, we can truly make a difference for multiple myeloma patients and their families.”

“Having a major private health insurance company agree to cover the cost for this test is a major breakthrough for insured multiple myeloma patients and is a crucial step in making this test more accessible in the UK market,” added James Price, CEO of Everything Genetic.

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