Don’t miss this webinar on genomic profiling in early breast cancer

Upcoming Webinar: Genomic Profiles and the Future of Early Breast Cancer Care

Date: 25th September 2020     Time: 4.00pm (CEST) 

Register now for this upcoming webinar sponsored by our laboratory partner, Veracyte to hear the latest evidence on the clinical utility of the Prosigna® breast cancer prognostic gene signature to support shared treatment decisions.

Hear from the experts in the field of early-stage breast cancer on the performance and utility of the Prosigna® breast cancer prognostic gene signature. From current to emerging treatment options, the speaker panel will discuss different biomarker strategies that support shared decision-making for the management of hormone-receptor-positive (HR+) patients. Bonnie Anderson, CEO of Veracyte (San Francisco, USA), will introduce this webinar and explain her company’s key role in the application of advanced genomics towards the development of globally available in-vitro diagnostic assays that are uniquely designed to answer today’s unmet clinical needs.


4:00 pm – Introduction of Vereyte
Speaker: Bonnie Anderson
4:05 pm – Comparison of performance, components, and evidence for genomic assays

Speaker: Professor Mitch Dowsett

4:22 pm – Real-world clinical and health-economic evidence supporting Prosigna adoption in routine adjuvant therapy decisions

Speaker: Professor Roman Rouzier

4:43 pm – Building consensus and future directions on clinical utility for the new generation of genomic expression profiles

Speaker: Professor Giuseppe Curigliano

5:00 pm Closing