How to maintain efficient and optimised care for colorectal cancer patients during COVID-19

As the coronavirus epidemic shows no sign of relent in the UK, doctors reiterate the critical need to provide continuous care to cancer patients.

According to Cancer Research UK, the first lockdown due to COVID-19 would have caused:

  • 2.1 million people to miss cancer screening
  • 6,000 fewer people on chemotherapy
  • 2,800 fewer people on radiation therapy
  • 12,800 fewer people undergoing surgery to remove tumors


This new upsurge in cases raises fears of a further decline in patients’ care with colorectal cancer.

Oncologists worldwide are reaching out to available precision tools such as Immunoscore® to help them make better decisions regarding optimum treatments for their patients.

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The authors, Dr. Matías Chacón, Dr. Juan Manuel O’Connor (both Instituto Alexander Fleming, Buenos Aires, Argentina) and Dr. Benjamin Weinberg (Georgetown University, DC, USA), discuss their articles and recount their personal experiences using precision medicine tools for making treatment sequencing decisions for their patients with colorectal cancer.

Immunoscore® is a diagnostic test that assesses early colon cancer patients’ immunity and helps refine the prognosis and optimise chemotherapy.

This test is covered by major private medical insurances (CCSD code: 0002T) and is now included in the ESMO guidelines.

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