Everything Genetic launches new COVID test booking site

Everyone is on a journey through this pandemic and Everything Genetic appreciates all the frustrations around adding extra testing to key points in our lives such as traveling, social events and more.

Since the launch of our direct to consumer offering for COVID tests, we have been reviewing all our customer feedback that came to us be directly, or via our Trustpilot page.  We have been using this information to help steer our new COVID test booking process.

We are pleased to say we have just launched our new COVID test site.  The site endeavours to answer a lot of issues customers has been telling us about

  • Swifter page access
  • Travel packages
  • Simpler booking process
  • One data capture form
  • Ability to change travel details
  • A live order tracker that tells you where your order is up to, and with query buttons direct to customer care

Our new site is constantly evolving. We are reviewing how people use it and also monitoring our customer feedback to help continue to shape the service we offer.

We would like to thank all our customers for their important feedback.