CEO James Price gives an overview of Everything Genetic and why COVID testing is still needed, for recent radio interviews.

With the vaccine helping turn the tide, and lockdown being eased, restaurants, pubs and workplaces have re-opened, and many people have been able to see loved ones once again. Further easing of COVID restrictions means that the number of guests at a wedding is no longer limited to 30, and visiting arrangements for care homes are being revised, plus pilots of large events like the Euro 2020 games will continue. However, Public Health England recently reported that there has been a 79% rise in the number of Delta variant cases in just one week, and we are currently in the Third Wave of this relentless pandemic. Continued testing remains a crucial part of tracking and controlling the virus, and those in the scientific community, such as researchers in genetic testing, have been playing their part in using their knowledge and expertise to make sure fast and accurate testing is widely available.

Everything Genetic provides access to a portfolio of genetic testing services for a broad range of cancer types and heart conditions. Our tests identify whether individuals are at risk of developing common hereditary cancers and heart conditions, meaning more people can take control of their healthcare and detect any problems at an early stage, when they are most treatable. We also provide tests that help those diagnosed with Cancer assess their prognosis and design more personalised treatment plans

However, when the coronavirus pandemic struck, cancer testing and treatments were put on hold to help control the spread of COVID. We launched our own private COVID testing service for cancer patients requiring urgent surgery or treatment, and in the last year, this service has expanded significantly to provide PCR and antibody testing service for clinicians, pharmacies, and employers. Founder and CEO James Price explains: “Whilst we launched our COVID testing service in response to the pandemic, it enabled us to invest in our wellness and hereditary cancer offering along with launching new genetic testing services. We also have a pop-up logistics hub based at Nantwich FC, through which we are employing local furloughed workers to support the surge in demand for COVID PCR tests for the travel industry.” We have also launched a ‘direct to consumer’ COVID-19 testing service, giving individuals and families the ability to order mandatory COVID tests online with a door-to-door, tracked Royal mail delivery service. Test results are available within 12-36 hours from receipt of sample in lab, with access to a secure online custom-built portal, and a results certificate that will confirm fitness to fly