Podcast: Meet our Chief Financial Officer, Stuart Dutton

Stuart Dutton is just a few months into his role as Finance Director with Everything Genetic and he’s already got his feet firmly under the table. Indeed, since this recording, he has been promoted to the position of Chief Financial Officer.

He joins the finance team with 17 years’ accountancy and finance experience and Stuart is clearly focused on transforming, streamlining, and innovating business processes across the firm to facilitate the company’s unprecedented growth.

In this podcast, Stuart talks about the challenges he faces anticipating future performance, updating and automating financial systems to future proof the business, and implementing new processes and policies. He shares his early learnings in the first 6 weeks of his role; the opportunities for growth, and how he is improving his understanding of the industry to identify shifts and ensure there are the resources and capacity within each team to support it.

Stuart is proud to be contributing to a company that is genuinely changing people’s lives. He has always wanted to be part of a rapidly growing business and Everything Genetic is that business. Having grown from 11 to 64 employees within just 9 months, it is clear growth is continuing and needs robust financial processes and systems in place to support it.