Everything Genetic launches Antegenes cancer testing to help identify cancer risk

A revolutionary new screening test has been launched by Everything Genetic that allows individuals to understand their predisposition of developing common cancers including breast, prostate, colorectal, and melanoma, so they can make proactive healthcare and lifestyle decisions, and reduce the risk of developing the disease.

Antegenes is our latest innovation to be added to our wellness portfolio, available to clinicians, pharmacists, healthcare professionals and direct to individuals. It uses high-tech polygenic risk score technology to assess an individual’s genetic risk of developing cancer.

The test will tell customers their personalised risk score of developing the cancer tested for over the next 10 years, compared to others in their age bracket.

What are the benefits for healthcare professionals, pharmacists, and clinicians?
Genetic risk testing serves as an important clinical tool to guide healthcare decisions in primary care by:

  • Gathering invaluable information to help make informed medical decisions.
  • Detecting cancer early to increase the chance of a successful outcome.
  • Allowing your customers to take an active role in their healthcare through their lifestyle choices.
  • Complementing traditional medical and wellness customer assessments.


What are polygenic risk scores?
The polygenic risk score is a computational indicator based on many individual genetic variants in the genome that estimates a person’s predisposition to cancer.

By combining the polygenic risk score with a person’s background (origin, age, and gender), a person’s risk of developing the disease can be calculated, and prevention and treatment can be sought at an early stage.

This is a screening test, however, not a diagnostic test, so it can only provide an estimate of risk and not a definitive answer.

James Price, Founder and CEO of Everything Genetic comments: “Many cancers are currently diagnosed too late when they are often harder to treat. Antegenes is a powerful testing solution that has the potential to change this situation. By empowering people to understand their personal risk to developing cancer, we can improve cancer prevention and help people live longer.”

What genetic cancer risk tests are available?
There are four individual cancer tests available:

1) AnteBC – genetic risk test for breast cancer. Incudes 2803 genetic breast cancer variants. Recommended for women aged 30-75.
2) AntePC – genetic risk test for prostate cancer. Includes 121 genetic prostate cancer variants. Recommended for men aged 40-70.
3) AnteCRC – genetic risk test for colorectal cancer. Includes 91 genetic colorectal cancer variants. Recommended for women and men aged 40-75.
4) AnteMEL – genetic risk test for melanoma. Includes 28 genetic melanoma variants. Recommended for women and men aged 18-70.

Plus, combined tests for men and women:
– AnteCancerM – set of tests for men, includes prostate, colorectal cancer, and melanoma tests. Recommended for men aged 40-70.
– AnteCancerW – set of tests for women, includes breast, colorectal cancer, and melanoma tests. Recommended for women aged 35-70.

Preventive genetic testing is suitable for all adults. This test is only suitable for individuals who have no previous history of the type of cancer they want to be tested for.

Wrap-around clinical support service
We understand that the implications of taking such tests can have a huge impact on a customer’s mental wellbeing and the results may involve making life-changing decisions to prevent the disease occurring.

We provide expert clinical support to individuals to discuss the benefits, limitations, and potential implications of genetic testing before and after taking the test. This is fully supported by our in-house medical team, led by Consultant Genetic Oncologist, Dr James Mackay.

Commenting on the service, Dr James Mackay says: “We want everyone who takes this test to feel fully supported, understand all the options available to them and be aware of the potential implications. Our pre and post-test clinical support is a key differentiator for Everything Genetic and we are very proud to be able to offer such an important service.”

By providing your customers access to this innovative screening technology, we can help people to prevent cancer and enable them to make informed decisions about their health.

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