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Return to work COVID-19 testing

Point of care antibody testing service administered by trained healthcare professionals using a certified, 6th generation test to help employers make informed decisions about employees returning and continuing to work.

CE Marked | FDA Approved | Accepted by MHRA for Professional Use | PHE Approved Data Provider

98.66% Sensitivity and 99.82% Specificity | On-site Testing | Results in 10 Minutes

Certified Certification Provided


Take control of workplace safety

The return to work and continuity of business operations presents a major challenge for employers whilst the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing.

Not knowing whether or not your employees have been infected with COVID-19 will have a significant impact on your ability to make informed decisions about the safety of employees continuing or returning to work.

Protecting workers and their families from the risk of infection needs to be a top priority for all employers. Employers therefore need to be proactive in forward planning and mitigating risk.

Challenges facing employers

      • Growing evidence shows that many people can have the virus but not show any symptoms. Therefore, some employees may have already had the virus and developed a certain level of immunity, making it safe to be at work.
      • The implementation of hygiene and social distancing measures inside work environments may not be sufficient to ensure the safety of employees and, in some cases, may be too expensive or physically not possible.

The solution? Regular point of care antibody testing for all employees

Everything Genetic has formed a social enterprise partnership with occupational health and safety specialists, Healthscope (UK) to conduct point of care (POC) antibody testing at your place of work.

Providing results in a matter of minutes removing the need for all samples to be analysed in a laboratory, makes the testing of your workforce a lot more convenient as well as cost-effective.

How much does it cost?

£120 per employee which includes antibody test kit, point of care testing and certification.

Minimum number of employees per visit 10. Maximum number of employees per day 400.

How to Book

To book a point of care antibody testing service for your employees at your place of work, please contact Healthscope (UK) on Tel: 0118 977 5036 or Email:


Benefits of point of care testing for employers

  • Improved Access – More employers are empowered to make informed decisions by knowing their employees COVID-19 infection status through POC testing.
  • Earlier Detection – Leading to increased case findings of employees who have already been infected by COVID-19 (IgG) and enabling them to continue/return to work.
  • Accurate Testing – Utilising a 6th generation, highly sensitive, validated antibody test, administered by a healthcare professional provides confidence in the results at POC.
  • Rapid Results – Results are available in 10 minutes at POC, allowing immediate notification to employee/employer, with certification provided to IgG positive employees.
  • Timely Employee Management – Ability to make fast decisions about employees returning and/or continuing to work, and isolating those currently infected immediately to prevent risk of virus transmission in the workplace.


Healthscope (UK)’s trained and experienced healthcare professionals adhere to the government’s social distancing guidance and use full personal protective equipment whilst on site.

A new standard in antibody testing

We use a 6th generation antibody test for this point of care service – COVIDtestUK Antibody Instant Testing – which is supplied by Everything Genetic. This test is CE marked and approved by the FDA and accepted by MHRA for use by healthcare professionals.

It is used for the detection of antibodies in people who have already been infected by the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) that causes the COVID-19 disease. It does not, however, tell you if an employee currently has the virus.

It has a higher sensitivity and specificity compared to earlier generation testing which provides greater accuracy in case findings for employees who have already been infected by the virus.

Performance [1]

98.66% Sensitivity
99.82% Specificity


Test Information

Method Lateral flow assay
Sample Type Finger-prick blood sample (whole blood/serum/plasma)
Time to Results 10 minutes
  • CE marked
  • FDA approved
  • Accepted by MHRA for use by healthcare professional
  • Date submitted to Public Health England [2]



  • Identifies employees who have had COVID-19 infection (IgG positive)
  • Identifies COVID-19 infection in employees who have not displayed symptoms – asymptomatic (IgM positive)
  • Detection window IgM: Most accurate when used on patients between 3 to 5 days after symptoms occur [3]

Book Now

To book a point of care antibody testing service for your employees at your place of work, please contact Healthscope (UK) on Tel: 0118 977 5036 or Email:

Information Brochure

To download our information brochure, click here >

[1] The results of the clinician evaluation of 1,000 samples show that the test kits have a high degree of sensitivity and specificity in detecting COVID-19 compared to reference samples. Reference: Diagnostic Kit for Antibody IgM/ IgG to Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (Colloidal Gold Immunochromatography Assay) Clinical Verification Report 30 April 2020.
[2] As a notifiable disease, test data is collected by Healthscope (UK) and submitted to Public Health England in accordance with their guidelines as part of the COVID-19 surveillance programme.
[3] The test is most accurate when used on patients between 3 to 5 days after symptoms occur. The detection window starts one day after symptoms or the start of IgM production to 40 days after symptoms, where IgM may still be present.