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OncoDNA is a specialist in precision medicine which uses a combination of the most relevant molecular technologies to support oncologists in their treatment decisions for cancer patients.

It is headquartered in Belgium with offices in Spain and the USA, and between them, its scientists have more than 60 years cancer diagnostic expertise, 30 years of molecular pathology and 10 years next generation sequencing.

OncoDNA tests involve analysing tumour or/and CT DNA in blood samples to provide a comprehensive ‘characterisation’ of your cancer. This helps to establish which would be the most effective therapy for you – and can also help you avoid unnecessary treatments and potential toxicity.

Chemotherapy, for example, acts on all rapidly dividing cells, normal and tumour, while some new treatments – called ‘novel therapies’ – can be more targeted, acting directly on cancer cells. Hormone Therapy is a new treatment which can slow down the growth of some breast and prostate cancers while Immunotherapy can in some cases, stimulate your own immune system to destroy cancer cells. But there is no ‘one size fits all’ – OncoDNA tests help identify what will be most effective in your specific case.