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Changing the landscape of genetic testing

We’re an innovative health-tech company helping to inform healthcare decisions and improve patient outcomes through the democratisation of genetic testing and reinvention of clinical support.

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For providers

Find the right genetic cancer test to help guide screening, prevention, and treatment decisions for your patients.

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For Employers

Encourage proactive healthcare management in your company by offering genetic risk testing to your employees.

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For Individuals

Genetic tests to help you understand your risk of developing common cancers for a longer, healthier life.

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Who we are

We are a leading UK distributor of genetic cancer testing with a vision to make these services available to all.

Our focus is on disease prevention rather than cure. We help people to make informed healthcare decisions at an early stage for cancer prevention and improve patient outcomes for those affected by cancer to help save lives. All through the power of genomics. 

We offer clinical-grade genetic cancer testing services, including our own technology, that informs the entire clinical pathway from genetic risk testing, diagnostics, and prognostics, through to theranostics.

What makes us different?

Pre and post-test clinical support, scalable through use of digital technologies.

A consultative approach to genetic testing that educates, informs and supports healthcare providers and businesses.

Testing technology that meets rigorous independent standards and clinical expertise.

A disruptive pricing strategy to ensure testing is affordable for all.

A custom-built, secure online portal for ordering, patient management and reporting.

In-house customer care, logistics and technical team that provides a best-in-class and-to-end service.

Genetic testing with wrap-around clinical support

We make it easy to order genetic tests and get clinically actionable results. With wrap-around clinical support included, backed by the highest level of customer care, whether you’re a healthcare provider or individual taking a test, our aim is to ensure that you are supported every step of the way.

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