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Everything Genetic Branding

Our approach

A unique approach to genetic cancer testing

Genetic testing for everyone

We are a leading distributor of genetic testing services in the UK and internationally.

We not only partner with market-leading laboratories around the world to provide you with these services but have invested in developing our own genetic cancer risk testing panels through a UK-based laboratory for faster results turnaround and affordable pricing.

From genetic predisposition testing through to diagnostic, prognostic, and theranostic testing for common cancers, our range of tests help to inform healthcare decisions and improve patient outcomes.

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Comprehensive clinical support

We make it easy to order genetic tests and get clinically actionable results.

With wrap-around clinical support included for our genetic cancer risk tests, backed by the highest level of medical expertise, whether you’re a healthcare provider or individual taking a test, our aim is to ensure that you are supported every step of the way.

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Clinical-grade genetic testing technology

We have established partnerships with leading genetic testing laboratories around the world to provide you with access to clinical-grade testing across the clinical pathway.

These include exclusive UK distribution arrangements with Antegenes and Caris Life Sciences, and long-term partnerships with Invitae.

As a developer of our own-brand genetic testing technology, we partner with Berkshire and Surrey Pathology Services (BSPS), one of the largest pathology networks in the UK, to form the 8th genomic hub.

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Secure online ordering and reporting

We have made significant investment in our own IT infrastructure with a custom-built secure online ordering and reporting system.

Accessible to our partners, this automates the end-to-end testing service from ordering through to clinically actionable personalised results reports being generated and shared securely by email.

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Building lasting partnerships

With customer care being one of our core values, every partner is assigned their own dedicated Account Manager to support them throughout the onboarding and ordering process, and ensure they are suitably trained to use our ordering and reporting system.  

Our trained and experienced customer care team are well placed to handle enquiries from healthcare professionals and customers throughout the testing process.  

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