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Everything Genetic Branding

Partnership with Berkshire and Surrey Pathology Services (BSPS)

We have partnered with BSPS, one of the largest pathology networks in the country, to provide a Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) service for genetic cancer risk panels in the UK. A service that will be accessible to both the public and private healthcare sectors. 

BSPS is supporting Everything Genetic with the processing of samples for our genetic cancer risk panels, including a 12 gene breast cancer panel and a multi-cancer panel.

Under an initial five-year agreement with BSPS, we have made significant investment in a suite of Illumina and Thermo NGS and array platforms. In addition, we have provided staffing resources so that BSPS can run the samples from their UK laboratory based at the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust. This allows us to offer a UK-based testing with faster turnaround times, lower price per test, patient data held in the UK, and ensures a high-quality service for our customers. 

Becoming the 8th Genomic Hub 

Utilising this enhanced 5-year partnership with BSPS has positioned us to become the UKs “8th Genomic Hub”. This will enable us to play a key role in world-class genomic testing for the NHS and private sector, bringing about more cost-efficiencies in the healthcare system and reduce the pressure on the NHS. 

About BSPS 

  • In 2022, the service delivered more than 50 million tests supported by 1000 WTE staff working across the network. 
  • They are part of the South East Genomic Laboratory Hub, one of the 7 existing hubs to deliver genomic testing services across England. 
  • They are accredited by UKAS to BS EN ISO15189:2012 standards. 
  • Their network provides access to industry-leading diagnostic equipment and research opportunities. 
  • All samples for our 12 Gene Breast Cancer Panel and Multi-Cancer Panel, as well as the existing BSPS portfolio, are processed at BSPS’ laboratory. 


Find out more about our own-brand genetic cancer risk testing technology here: