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What is genetic testing?

Genetic Testing is the analysis of your DNA: using a sample of your saliva, or sometimes blood or tissue, it's possible to establish if you have certain gene mutations which are associated with particular diseases.

It's also possible to predict how your body will respond to drugs and treatments - giving your clinician a depth of knowledge they can't get from any other test or scan.

Why get genetically tested?

If you are concerned about your risk developing a particular disease or condition - perhaps because you know it's in your family history - genetic testing can help you.

There are benefits whatever the outcome.

A negative result can stop you worrying unnecessarily and enable you to make informed decisions about your healthcare, perhaps avoiding scans and check-ups you don’t need.

When the results are positive, you may be able to take action, making dietary and lifestyle choices that will reduce the risks.

You can also make sure you monitor your health with further tests and screening to detect the onset of any disease at an early stage - enabling you to get treatment swiftly, which can improve your chance of recovery, and ultimately, survival.

By their nature, hereditary disorders run in families, so your results could also help your loved ones learn more about their own health risks.

If you have already been diagnosed

A diagnosis is only the beginning: you then need to find out what drugs and treatments will help you most.

We offer tests to analyse the genes in cancer tumours to help your clinician make more confident decisions about your care – for example whether chemotherapy would be an effective therapy.

Cancer tests

We have access to many genetic tests - click here to view them all