Dr James Mackay announced as Guest Speaker at the ESMED General Assembly

Everything Genetic’s Medical Director, Dr James Mackay will be speaking at the European Society of Medicine (ESMED) on the 4-6 August.

With over 400 speakers across 3 days, this event will bring together some of the greatest minds in medicine to present new ideas and share the latest developments.

One of the featured sessions of the conference is ‘Exploring Genetics and Genomics’ where Dr James will be speaking on the topic of ‘Genetic Counselling for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.’ He will explain the clinical implications and limitations of traditional genetic testing and the concept of introducing an innovative service into clinical care.  

Traditionally, common genetic testing focuses on those with very high risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer due to their family history.  However, over the last 25 years the clinical situation has improved dramatically. We can now test a wide panel of different cancer genes and apply it to those who are unaffected by their cancer family history.

Testing a wider gene panel is a major step forward in determining someone’s risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer. It means that everyone taking the test will understand their personal risk – regardless of their family history – and everyone tested will get a definite result.

An important aspect of this service is the pre and post-test consultation. Everything Genetic offer a comprehensive clinical support service where we explain the genetic test result to each patient, and discuss the clinical implications of their individual result within the context of their family history.

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