Everything Genetic Unveils New Hereditary Cancer Test – The Multi-Cancer Panel

Everything Genetic is proud to introduce the latest addition to our portfolio of genetic testing services – the Everything Genetic Multi-Cancer Panel. Developed in collaboration with CENTOGENE and Twist Bioscience, and with samples processed at Berkshire and Surrey Pathology Services (BSPS), this advanced hereditary cancer test marks a significant milestone for our company.

Building upon the success of our inaugural brand test, the Everything Genetic 12 Gene Breast Cancer Panel, which has rapidly gained acceptance in over 45 hospitals and clinics across the UK, the Multi-Cancer Panel is designed to meet the growing demand for an affordable and expedited genetic testing service.

Comprehensive genetic analysis

This cutting-edge test examines 72 genes associated with an increased risk of developing 12 different hereditary cancers. From breast and ovarian to colorectal and prostate cancers, as well as melanoma and uterine cancers, the Everything Genetic Multi-Cancer Panel provides a comprehensive analysis of hereditary cancer risk.

Broadening access to hereditary cancer testing

Primary customers for this advanced test include general practitioners, clinicians in primary care, oncologists, surgeons treating cancer patients, and employers offering employee benefits packages. Our goal is to make genetic testing accessible to a wider range of individuals by collaborating with a diverse set of partners.

Applications of the multi-cancer panel

The Everything Genetic Multi-Cancer Panel serves various purposes, including risk assessment, treatment guidance, and the identification of at-risk family members. Whether individuals are looking to understand their cancer risk, determine the best treatment options post-cancer diagnosis, or identify family members at risk, this test provides a comprehensive solution.

Key features of the multi-cancer panel:

  • Swift results: Receive genetic test results in 2 – 3 weeks[1], supporting individuals and healthcare providers in timely decision-making.
  • Comprehensive clinical support: Inclusive of pre and post-test clinical support[2] for well-informed decisions .
  • Cost-effective: Priced competitively, promoting accessibility to genetic testing for hereditary cancer risk assessment.


Learn more

For additional information about the Multi-Cancer Panel testing service and ordering options, reach out to a member of our sales team:

Email us: cancertesting@everythinggeneticltd.co.uk

Call us: +44 (0) 1270 623 179

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We are excited about the transformative impact that the Everything Genetic Multi-Cancer Panel holds in shaping the landscape of genetic testing, providing a means to empower both individuals and healthcare professionals in personalised healthcare.

[1] Initial turnaround time quoted for launch. Expected to reduce as service becomes established, MLPA performed on all suspected CNVs may require a longer turnaround time, All VUS results undergo further medical evaluation which may require a longer turnaround time.

[2] Pre and post-test clinical support can either be provided by Everything Genetic or the individual’s clinician.