Everything Genetic launches new breast cancer genetic risk panel

We are pleased to announce the launch of our own brand 12 Gene Breast Cancer Panel. A germline DNA next-generation sequencing test that is set to revolutionise genetic testing in the UK with its faster results turnaround and lower cost. 

This panel provides a comprehensive genetic risk assessment of 12 genes, including BRCA1 and 2, known to increase a patient’s risk of developing breast cancer as a second primary. 

By partnering with an ISO-accredited UK laboratory, we can now deliver clinically actionable results in just 2 – 3 weeks*. Enabling healthcare professionals to quickly access a patient’s risk and make informed screening, prevention, and treatment decisions. 

Around 15-20% of women and men with breast cancer will have a family history of the disease. Inherited mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes account for about 4-6% of all breast cancer cases in women and around 11-12% of cases in men. Breast cancer patients who have these genes can benefit from customised surgical treatments and targeted drug therapies, which can lead to an improvement in survival outcomes.  

Key features of the 12 Gene Breast Cancer Panel 

  • High-quality sequencing and data analysis carried out in UK laboratory.   
  • Get personalised results faster to guide personalised treatment options.   
  • Identify pathogenic or likely pathogenic mutations to prevent progression or risk of a new second breast cancer occurring.   
  • Ensure those at high-risk benefit from increased surveillance with preventative steps to better manage their risk of developing cancer as a second primary.  
  • Use the right targeted therapy to eradicate cancer or slow down growth.  
  • Offer genetic testing at a much lower price than is currently available from other comparable testing companies.  
  • Suitable for testing immediate family relatives to identify hereditary breast cancer risk.   



James Price, Founder and CEO of Everything Genetic comments: “We are so proud to be able to offer this UK-based custom gene panel with a faster turnaround time and much lower price point. The 12 Gene Breast Cancer Panel is the first of many IP owned genetic testing services that we are launching to the market, and it marks a major milestone in fulfilling our vision to make genetic testing more affordable and accessible to all.” 

Dr James Mackay, Medical Director of Everything Genetic added: “This is a massive step forward for hereditary genetic cancer testing in the UK. It will allow clinicians to implement personalised screening, prevention, and treatment strategies much faster than is currently available. We hope to expand this technology internationally in the future and make it available to a wider market.”  

Pre and post-test clinical support available 

We also offer pre and post-test clinical support for this service if required, which is led by Dr Mackay. 

If you would like more information about our 12 Gene Breast Cancer Panel, please contact our sales team by email at: partners@everythinggeneticltd.co.uk. 

*Initial TAT quoted for launch. Expected to reduce as service becomes established.