Podcast: A perfect combination – polygenic risk score and multi-cancer panel testing

In this podcast, James Mackay, Medical Director at Everything Genetic explains why polygenic risk score and multi-cancer panel testing are the perfect combination for fully understanding an individual’s predisposition to common cancers at an early stage.  

Multi-gene panel testing, which is widely used in clinical practice, looks for the identification of predisposing gene variants across approximately 30 different genes. This is known as a ‘strong gene panel’. In medical practice these commonly test for genetic faults in 30 different clinically actionable genes including BRCA1 and BRCA2. 

However, there are other genes known as the ‘weak genes’ which are not tested using multi-gene panels. These genes can only be detected when using polygenic risk score testing. It gives a holistic, complete analysis to identify faulty weak genes. 

Utilising and analysing the two panels together provide the perfect combination.  

In this podcast, James explains the reason why combining Everything Genetic’s Antegenes polygenic risk score test with a multi-cancer panel is such a powerful genetic testing service. Therefore, offering customers a more accurate and highly personalised service in risk stratification and guides them as to what action they need to take at a much earlier age.