Everything Genetic presents Antegenes at EXPO2022 in Dubai

Peeter Padrik, MD, PhD, CEO and Founder of our laboratory partner, Antegenes presented on the topic of genetic cancer risk testing at EXPO 2020 in Dubai.  

In his keynote, Peeter introduced the science behind the innovative polygenic risk score test, Antegenes and its application in clinical practice.  

He goes on to explain why genetic testing without using polygenic risk score is an outdated approach. Polygenic risk score tests analyse a wider gene panel therefore offering more comprehensive risk prediction. They are also able to give more precise, personalised information to prevent the cancer developing (such as regular screening) which will ultimately reduce mortality and morbidity from the disease.   

The future of precision personalised medicine in healthcare is already here.  



Medical Director, Dr James Mackay also spoke at the conference on the how the UK strategy differs from Peeter Padrik’s presentation which was focused on Estonia (where Antegenes was founded). 

Dr Mackay begins by explaining the strong collaboration between Everything Genetic and Antegenes, and the aim of making genetic testing available to the general population at an affordable price.  

Mackay’s presentation talks about the main features of the UK Antegenes service; being the pre and post-test clinical support so that everyone understands their results and knows what the implications are.  

The other differentiator is that the UK service can be combined with a multi-cancer panel which looks for any genetic faults to provide a more accurate result.   

He concludes with his mission to raise professional and public awareness of the availability of these innovative tests and encourage their adoption into routine clinical care.  



To find out more about our Antegenes service, email us at [email protected] or call +44 (0) 1270 623 179 to speak to our customer care team.