DAM Health partners with Everything Genetic to promote cancer risk testing services

We are pleased to announce a partnership with DAM Health to distribute our cancer risk testing services across DAM Health’s wide customer base and network of clinics.

DAM Health was founded in 2020 and started out specialising in Covid-19 testing services. They have since expanded into the medical diagnostic market as a healthcare company for preventive and reactive health care for a wide range of conditions and illnesses, from Vitamin D, iron deficiency and menopause and infertility, food intolerance and bowel cancer.

The partnership forms part of a wider strategy that enables us to democratise genetic testing by making our cancer risk testing services available to DAM Health’s ever-growing customer base online and across their 33 UK clinics.

It will include the sale of our polygenic risk score Antegenes tests for breast cancer, a multi-cancer test for women (breast, colorectal and skin melanoma), a multi-cancer test for men (prostate, colon and skin melanoma), and a multi-cancer panel test which analyses 30 genes that are known for increasing an individual’s risk of developing common cancers.

All tests include access to our pre- and post-test clinical support led by our Medical Director, Dr James Mackay, to ensure that those taking the tests clearly understand what the test is for and what the results mean.

James Price, CEO and Founder of Everything Genetic says: “We are delighted to partner with DAM Health, deploying our unique cancer risk testing services and allowing us to truly democratise genetic testing by making this important service widely available to their customers.”

Professor Frank Joseph, DAM Health’s Medical Director, comments: “We are delighted to partner with Everything Genetic who provide market-leading genetic testing services. This partnership will allow us to further diversify our offering and focus on a preventative strategy that will ultimately help improve people’s quality of life with access either in-clinic across our UK sites or available to order online.”