Introducing the Medical Team and Clinical Hub who support Everything Genetic’s cancer risk testing services

As part of our commitment towards customer care, we have an in-house multi-disciplinary medical team and clinical hub who support Everything Genetic’s genetic cancer risk testing services. These include our Antegenes and the 30 gene multi-cancer panel tests to help individuals understand their genetic predisposition to common cancers.

Their mission is to provide pre and post-test information and support to everyone taking these tests.

Clinical support for individuals

Everyone taking these tests benefit from a holistic wrap-around service which supports them throughout the testing process.

This includes:

  • a pre-test clinical support video explaining the risks and benefits of taking the test
  • a post-test clinical support video when reporting a lower or increased risk result for Antegenes or negative/variant of unknown significance for the 30 gene multi-cancer panel, with the option to arrange a call with our Medical Director
  • clinical support from Dr James Mackay for customers with a positive results report for the 30 gene multi-cancer panel

These informational and support videos help people understand their results, and where relevant, provide screening guidance that may be needed in readiness for them to discuss with their GP or clinician.

In addition, every person taking the test receives a personalised results report which shows their risk of developing the cancer tested.

Telephone appointments are also available with our Medical Director, Dr James Mackay for those individuals who have questions about their results or indeed before they take the test.

Who is in the Medical and Clinical Team?






Leading the Medical and Clinical Team is Carol Mackay, Everything Genetic’s Clinical Director who has extensive experience in the delivery of cancer services within the NHS, private and commercial sectors. She was Registered Manager under the CQC for oncology services at a private hospital in London.

Dr James Mackay is a Consultant Genetic Oncologist who has more than 25 years’ experience in the NHS and private sector. As the company’s Medical Director, he oversees the clinical support and helps people make informed choices about genetic testing, as well as providing support at a time that can be stressful and highly emotional.

Supporting the Medical Team is Kyle Weedall, Lauren Bickett, Gary Swift and Alexandra Heathcoat in the Clinical Hub who provide administrative clinical support between the customer, their practitioner, and the laboratory. Their role involves sending out test kits, ensuring a correct sample has been provided and all required medical documentation has been completed, making sure reports are sent out in a timely manner, and directing customers to medical support where required.

The importance of clinical support

We believe that by providing this full wrap-around clinical support, it will ensure the right treatment pathway is put in place for those identified as being at risk so that the disease can be detected at an early stage when it is more treatable.

Carol Mackay, Clinical Director of Everything Genetic says: “Everyone needs to understand the implications of their test result and know what action to take. Having a clinical team in-house helps to provide our customers with a personal service which is currently incomparable from other genetic testing providers.”

“We will continue to work with sales partners and introduce the Antegenes and 30 gene multi-cancer panel services as an integral part of wellness and health screening programmes across the UK and worldwide.”