Public Health England approved COVID-19 PCR laboratory test launched by Everything Genetic

Following our recent announcement of the launch of our COVIDtesting Antibody POC Testing kit, we are pleased to announce the launch of its second coronavirus test – the COVIDtesting PCR Laboratory Test.

This PCR test has a sensitivity of 98% and specificity of 100% and is used for the early detection of COVID-19. The CE marked and Public Health England approved test is accurate for the earliest pre-symptomatic stage of infection.

The test requires a throat and nasal swab sample to be collected for processing at our accredited UK laboratory. With a turnaround time of the test results in 3 working days from receipt of the sample, we will provide notification of the results to the clinician or patient and provide you with access to them via a secure online portal.

Whilst the PCR test has many benefits for everyone, we believe that it has particular benefits for clinicians and patients in determining the risk of performing surgery, treatment, or prescribing medicine for cancer and other diseases during the pandemic.

Our CEO, James Price, explains why:

“As a UK-based oncology focussed diagnostics company, we are supporting the public and private healthcare sectors, and employers, with the launch of a comprehensive coronavirus testing service.

“We are now able to supply both the antibody testing service with our CE marked, FDA and MRHA approved point-of-care kits, and now a highly sensitive laboratory-based PCR test,” said James.

“We see this PCR test as being a vital companion test for the clinical management of immunosuppressed patients at this time of uncertainty. By making this test available to the medical community, clinicians and patients alike, particularly those who are in high-risk categories, will be able to make informed decisions before proceeding with surgery, treatments such as chemotherapy, and prescribing medication,” added James.

The COVIDtesting PCR test kits are also available for private individuals to purchase directly from us online. The test kit is supplied with easy-to-follow instructions on how to administer the test and includes an optional free 15-minute post-test telephone consultation with a registered GP at the Independent General Practice (IGP).

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If you are clinician, GP or private individual and would like more information about our COVIDtesting PCR test kits, please contact our Commercial Director Simon Davis on:

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