New PCR laboratory saliva test added to our COVID-19 testing services

COVID-19 PCR Saliva TestWe are pleased to announce the addition of a highly sensitive, CE marked PCR laboratory saliva test to our COVID-19 testing services.

This PCR saliva test has a sensitivity of 100% and specificity of 100% and is used for the early detection of COVID-19. The test is CE marked and results are performed in an IS015189 UK laboratory that is approved to share information with Public Health England (PHE).

With a turnaround time of the test results in 1-2 days, this simple ‘spit test’ is much more user-friendly and non-invasive compared to PCR nasal and throat swab testing for improved sample collection and increased accuracy.

Clinicians can now order this test through Everything Genetic for the screening of their patients or indeed their own medical team, with the test being available for private individuals to use very soon.

Assay Performance


  • 100% Sensitivity
  • 100% Specificity

Benefits of the Test


  • Identifies COVID-19 from early stages of infection, even in mild or asymptomatic cases
  • Easy to use, compared to the PCR swab test kits, with no specialist equipment required
  • Fast turnaround of test results in just 1-2 days from receipt of sample
  • You can screen anywhere, at a clinic or in your own home
  • Secure and easy access to results via our secure online portal
  • Assists in the control of viral transmission to your family and the wider community
  • Suitable for sample self-collection or administration by healthcare professional

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Vital companion test for the clinical management of immunosuppressed patients

Whilst the PCR saliva test has many benefits for everyone, we believe that it has particular benefits for clinicians and patients in determining the risk of performing surgery, treatment or prescribing medicine for cancer and other diseases during the pandemic.

This test is a vital companion test for the clinical management of immunosuppressed patients at this time of uncertainty. By making this test available to the medical community, clinicians and patients alike, particularly those who are in high-risk categories, will be able to make informed decisions before proceeding with surgery, treatments such as chemotherapy, and prescribing medication.

How to order

If you would like more information about this test, please contact our Commercial Director, Simon Davis.

For clinicians who already have an account with Everything Genetic, you can order tests via your account on the portal. For new clients, please email to arrange for an account to be set up for you.

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